Unbelievable. Expected, but unbelievable.

The man in the photo is convicted rapist Moshe Katzav, ex-president of the State of Israel. I wrote about his crimes in my post A rapist finally goes to prison just two weeks ago. Over the past fourteen days, the Israeli press has quoted him saying that he doesn’t feel guilty and that the criminal justice system “didn’t listen” to him and “misunderstood” him.

Now Katzav has requested another High Court hearing, this time sitting in an expanded panel, to hear the appeal that was just denied. The documents his lawyers submitted claim that after reading the judges’ ruling in full, there is room to request another hearing. No new evidence, no claim of miscarriage of justice, just a do-over.

The way the system works, Katzav had 15 days to file a request of this nature. Today is the 15th day. His lawyers are asking for an exceptional additional 45 days to prepare their petition for another hearing before an expanded panel of High Court judges.

Let us remember that Katzav was unanimously convicted by all the judges at both the regional and the High Court levels, and that there is no new legal precedent set in his conviction. Let us hope that the High Court of Justice will not give in to the manipulations of this man.

Most of all, let us hope and pray that he eventually comes to realize the wrongfulness of what he did and experiences a real and profound change of heart.


2 thoughts on “Unbelievable. Expected, but unbelievable.

  1. This kind of thing is happening all around us. Currently in the US, we have the Penn State coach child rape case v. the lucrative business of college football tragedy going on. These are just the ones making the news….

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