Invisible Illness

When someone else says it far better than I, I want people to read what they wrote. Please read Emotions by Reatha Kenny. I don’t know what Kenny’s illness is, but I do know that I have often, often, very often experienced the same thing.

Go ahead – please click on the link.

I’d like to thank @CardioNP for tweeting the link.


4 thoughts on “Invisible Illness

  1. I have a chronic idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. I’m so glad you found my post useful, I almost gave up on writing, discouraged by one bad appointment with a neurologist so it’s good to be back and know my words help others as well as myself.

    • It seems to me we live our lives with hope and expectation. It is never more obvious to me than when faced with an illness, especially a chronic one. It also seems to me that when our lives are secured by the anchor of faith, there is more room for love and understanding of ourselves and others. May we all find solace in our times of need and continue to grow more loving. Please keep writing.

      • Thank you, Marie.

        Unfortunately, so many people have no hope or expectation left or have been disappointed so many times that they don’t look for it any more. I think chronic illness must be hardest for them.

    • Thank you for dropping in, Reatha. Yes, I found your post very, very useful and encouraging. Please don’t give up writing.

      I have neuropathic pain as the result of one of my surgeries. I can’t imagine what you must deal with daily.

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