Jerusalem is a strange place.

Jerusalem is a very strange place. This is on one of the two main streets in downtown, a couple of blocks west of the Old City. It is not a fashionable area or a center for business or shopping. People generally pass along here on their way to someplace else.


But where else can you grab a bite at the Mexicano Baguet and then have a few beers at the Putin Pub?


4 thoughts on “Jerusalem is a strange place.

    • To tell the truth, I’d be afraid to drink in the Putin Pub. It’s probably full of bare-chested Russian politicians wrestling bears or doing judo or swimming in the shark tank. (Surely they have a shark tank.)

      Also, I make it a policy not to patronize establishments that don’t spell check their signs. The snob-appeal of using a foreign language is somewhat diminished thereby (she said snobbishly). “Baguet” indeed. Harrumph!

  1. What does “baguet” mean here? How does it relate to Mexican food? Great photo with a very puzzling set of words on its signs.

  2. Ah, James, that is the fun of signage in Jerusalem! The use of foreign words is encouraged; relevance and orthography are optional. “Baguet” is how the sign painter or, more likely, the owner of the place, thought “baguette” should be spelled. How does it relate to Mexican food? Um… well…I guess…

    It doesn’t of course. But recent years have seen increasing popularity of a bizarre trend in street food: serve it as a sandwich in 1/2 or 1/3 of a baguette for ease of handling. The baguette is seen as European and elegant. You can get Mexican food on a baguette, Thai food on a baguette, shwarma on a baguette, and so on. Bon appetit!

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