Beautiful lace


Here is a very nice example of Cantu lace. It was donated to the organization I work for by the lacemaker, who spent one year in designing and working the pattern, which is a representation of our coat of arms.

Unfortunately, this iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice. (First try at posting from my phone. Please let me know if anything is wonky.)


5 thoughts on “Beautiful lace

  1. Wow, that is really beautiful – a true work of art. Its a nice photo for an iPhone effort – sharp enough to show good detail and nice overall color. What are the dimensions of the piece?

  2. Marie – Yes, it is religious. The bottom of the shield in the middle is the Jerusalem Cross. Above that is the symbol of the Franciscans: the pierced hand of Jesus crossed with the pierced hand of St. Francis (who had the stigmata, according to Catholic teaching) and a cross in between. The dove represents the Holy Spirit, and the crown represents God the Father. The words mean “On Mount Zion in Jerusalem” and is a reference to verses from the Psalms.

    kb – It is, isn’t it? I love having it on the wall of my office.

    Judy – Thanks for the nice words about the photo. I might just be getting the hang of it! The actual piece is about 20 cms tall.

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