Let’s keep partying!

As I said yesterday, my birthday is sometime this week. I’m having a party and everyone is invited!

And because it’s a virtual party we all get to dance like no one is watching!

7 thoughts on “Let’s keep partying!

  1. Dear Telling Knots – have a very happy birthday (whenever it is…)

    There was something about the singing penguins that set off a chain of associations so here is a contribution to the festivities. Sorry my French isn’t so good but I think the idea is that on your way (through this year) you should be blessed – and bless – those you meet.

  2. … and as a total non sequitur:

    as an ex-Brit I take pride in presenting to you the (modest) attempt at the world record for human mattress dominoes topple (which I believe is actually held by the US – 850 people in Louisiana this March.)
    What makes the Geordie (i.e. North-Eastern England) attempt unique is the participation of the Lord Mayor, a fine figure of a man in full regalia, as first to tumble.
    400 Geordies tried to break the world record on Saturday 2 October 2010. 400 mattresses, approximately the same length as 20 Angels of the North (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel_of_the_North), were used.
    The attempt was organised by Palatine Beds in Newcastle. They have been manufacturing and upholstering high quality beds and furniture for more than 100 years, and are unique in that most of its 60 employees (who took part) are disabled.

    Here’s how it worked out on the day … enjoy!

  3. Aliza, you’re great!

    You know, just the other day I was wondering when the new world record for the human mattress dominoes topple would be set. Well, I wasn’t, actually, but I should have been because it is clearly a cosmic event!

    Thanks for coming to party. 🙂

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  7. Why aye! Howay the lads! [Geordie]


    Yeah! I greatly admire my fellows of the city of Newcastle and its environs, and wish them to succeed in all endeavours!

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