Trafficking: Children, women, men for sale

I’ve been trying for a couple of months now to write a post about human trafficking, and I just can’t do it. Every time I try, I am stopped in my tracks by a wall of emotions. I feel angry. I feel desperate. I feel overwhelming pity. I feel helpless. The feelings are so strong that I have trouble naming them. They are not in my head. My chest doesn’t expand with breath, my heart pounds, my hands and feet become cold, I feel nausea.

Until now, every one of my efforts to post about people who are sold and the people who sell them ends, not in writing, but with me crying out to God without words. It’s just pain, horror. It’s just mute pleading.

So I am not going to write a post today. I am going to show you a few posters and images and let them speak. Please take a moment to look at these images and ask yourself What if it had been me?


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