Wednesday Video: Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography

A wonderful video by Australian graphic artist and web designer Matt Rogers at Rogers Creations, making delightful, creative use of a text written and spoken by Stephen Fry. Is it a rant? Is it a plea for sanity?

It is certainly a delicious interlude for eyes and ears and mind.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Video: Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography

  1. Thanks for sharing this! As a previous editor of scientific writing, it puts me to a bit of shame to think how self-satisfied I used to get as I corrected people’s grammar and use of apostrophes. Very, very interesting.

  2. Hi, SD, nice to see you again!

    I know what you mean. For much of the last two decades I’ve worked as a translator and editor. I wish I could be less emotionally involved with grammar and punctuation!

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