Wednesday Video: Guitar Heroes

No, not that. This video is triple perfection: two great acoustic guitarists and one of my favorite pieces of music.

Sungha Jung is a South Korean prodigy. Born in 1996, he started playing guitar while still a very young boy. Now 16, he has already released two albums and performed internationally. From the videos, he seems like a very nice kid, too. Trace Bundy is a self-taught guitarist who has taught ice and rock climbing and been an adjunct professor of Civil Engineering at Colorado University. A talented and creative musician, he has released three albums so far.

Together, Jung and Bundy are simply wonderful. There is a small rough spot near the beginning of this video. Believe me – you will be well rewarded for sticking with it.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Video: Guitar Heroes

  1. Ever heard of a Chapman Stick? I saw Bob Culbertson at an arts festival and bought a couple of CDs right off his table. I think you’ll like him, too.

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