Happy Dance! (Update 4 – final this round)

My oncologist got a consult from the professor of radiologic oncology. (Or oncologic radiology? Maybe diagnostic radiology. Whatever – I wasn’t paying attention to that part.) Drum roll, please?

The word of the day is venous lakes. This is a benign finding, gory as it might sound. It’s caused by dilation of blood vessels in the skull.

In other words – still Stage IV, still progression, but much less progression than at first feared. It is all still in my spine.

(I never thought I’d be celebrating having metastatic cancer “only” in my spine, but that’s for another post.)

In yet other (albeit slightly hallucinatory) words…

8 thoughts on “Happy Dance! (Update 4 – final this round)

  1. Thanks for sharing your news… and especially the link – I watched the Friar’s Roast of Chevy Chase for far too long this morning, and enjoyed it. Not exactly what I planned for Morning Prayer but accepting… thanks!

  2. The reading for the day in a daily meditation book I read said something like ‘don’t let the trials and vexations’ of the day divert you from having a good life. Out of the two categories, I’d say venous lakes fall under vexations. The thing I think about your venous lakes, even though they are benign, is I wish you were for some reason talking about bodies of water on Venus instead. My science fiction bent again. Thanks for posting Zip a dee doo dah. Back in the day, I had this car, a giant Oldsmobile Cutlass, gold with a white half vinyl top…a fine American road hog. I sprung for personalized license plates that said ‘Doo Dah’. I’m picturing you cruising Jerusalem in that car. πŸ™‚ Wow. Was this reply crazy enough for you?

  3. Am so happy for you! All those prayers answered! Thank you for sharing your life with us. We are twice blessed by it today.

    Thank you Judy for the don’t let the trials and vexations comment. We can all use a reminder now and then.

    Happy Dance all around the room………………..and TY Lord/ God/ Whomever for this………….

  5. Missed reading this post for some reason – so glad for you relatively ‘good’ news. Isn’t it amazing how our perspective can change when our life story changes! Praising God with you.

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