Wednesday Video: Gracia Harrison

The two or three people who have paid attention to my Wednesday Video selections will have noticed by now that I have a very eclectic taste in music. So prepare yourselves!

Gracia Harrison is a contestant on the NBC singing contest The Voice. This clip is from her “blind audition” – the first phase of the competition, which is really a final qualifying round. The hopefuls sing a short piece of their choice and the judges/coaches listen with their backs turned. The idea is that their singing alone qualifies them, not their appearance or performance. If a judge hits the buzzer, his chair turns around and the contestant has made it onto his team. If no chairs turn, the singer did not qualify.

Anyway. Listening to the classically country-style “I Want To Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” sung by Gracia Harrison makes me happy. My smile gets wider and wider until by about 0:40 or so my cheeks hurt and I’m bouncing in my chair.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Video: Gracia Harrison

  1. Yep, thanks – that was surely a pick up.
    Here is another song in a different style (but you’re eclectic ..) that also gave me a smile.

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