Starting to see the light

“Just because they say the end is near doesn’t mean that you can’t Live!”

Please read this post from a wonderful man who expects to die in the next few weeks. He is an inspiration and a guide to the rest of us.

6 thoughts on “Starting to see the light

  1. Sorry to hear you’re where you are now. I understand how it can a relief as well. The docs tell me the pain meds are good and will do their job. Enjoy the time you have as best you can.

    • Please take a look at the next post. I am terribly sorry for the confusion. This was a reblog. I admire the author’s attitude, and hope I can face my last weeks with the same dignity he is demonstrating.

  2. I am into my fifth year with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Mets to the bone and brain. I was feeling lucky till I read your post. Thinking it wasn’t going to rear it’s ugly head again. Praying for you.

    • Thank you, Marlene. Please look at the next post; there has been some confusion. That was a reblog of someone else’s post.

      I am in my ninth year since diagnosis and eighth with mets. Hang in there!

      Hope to see you here again.

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  4. What a courageous man Mike is – and he is determined that there will a legacy of knowledge for the world – as are you. Thank you.
    Blessings and prayers

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