Flight of the Tatas: LBBC Responds

Yesterday I posted the text of my email to Living Beyond Breast Cancer about their supposed association with a topless skydiving event in Las Vegas that claimed to be raising money for LBBC.

It is with great pleasure that I can confirm that Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) had absolutely nothing to do with Larry Flynt’s Flight of the Tatas event on July 4, 2013. I just received the following email from Jean Sachs, CEO:

Thanks for your email regarding the Flight of the Tatas event.  I apologize for not responding sooner but LBBC was closed yesterday and most of my staff are out today as well.
I can tell you that LBBC was not a sponsor of this event.  We never gave the organizers permission to use the LBBC logo, never agreed to be the beneficiary and, in fact, only learned of the event on Wednesday, July 3rd.
LBBC’s marketing staff member Kevin, copied on this email, will be reaching out the organizers of this event on Monday.
I will be on vacation next week but if you would like to speak with me directly please give me your number and I will call you.
Thank you, Jean Sachs and LBBC, for responding so rapidly and for assuring us of the integrity of the organization. You’ve made many people feel much better.

8 thoughts on “Flight of the Tatas: LBBC Responds

  1. Jean said he will be contacting them, he didn’t say he won’t be accepting the check on behalf of the cause… Only an unworthy charity would turn away real money that could be used to help the good cancer afflicted people. If the LBBC doesn’t want the money… some other, more “worthy” charity, really trying to help people, will accept the check, because they will understand it’s not about what you personally think of those who donate, it’s about who you can actually help with that donation.

    It’s not about supporting the company who raised the money, it’s supporting those who will benefit from the money raised.

  2. I hope that LBBC sues Hustler and Larry Flynt for unauthorized use of their name and logo. In my neck of the woods, the most offensive BC fundraiser is ACS sponsoring pink garbage bins! I find the association between breast cancer and garbage as offensive as the sexualization of bc. When I wrote to the regional ACS office, they justified this because it raises so much money. Glad that LBBC is more sensitive!

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  4. This misuse and junk “fundraising” is so frustrating to see. Glad you caught it and got to LBBC because we know that is not what they are all about!

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