Wednesday Video: Conservatory of Music – Laboratory of Peace

Today’s video is a presentation of one of my favorite coexistance and dialogue projects in Jerusalem: the Magnificat Institute of Jerusalem, a music conservatory where young Christians, Muslims and Jews study, play and perform together under the guidance of Christian, Muslim and Jewish teachers. The pupils have the¬†possibility¬†of earning a European Union-recognized diploma, as well. The Institute also participates in and hosts a number of international music competitions.

This video is a “medley” of promotional videos that introduce the Institute and some of its programs. I hope you enjoy it.

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Protecting the Weak 1


I have removed the Invisible Children video because of increasing questions about that organization. This doesn’t change the fact that children are vulnerable and need to be protected. I will be writing about the need and some of the solutions.

I’m sorry if I’ve misled or inconvenienced anyone.

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