“With age comes wisdom”

I received this book for my birthday and just started reading. It looks like it will be lively, interesting, informative and provocative.

From my initial skimming, it looks like Goldberg defines wisdom as the intuitive and effective application of pattern recognition to decision making and he argues that this is an ability that develops later in life. (Which only makes sense. It takes time and multiple exposures to be able to recognize patterns.)

Neuropsychology is one of those fields that have really taken off in recent years but barely existed when I was in university. I’m looking forward to learning more about this approach to the human experience.

For the interested, a few links that I’ve been exploring preparatory to reading the book:

Elkhonon Goldberg (Wikipedia article)

Goldberg’s home page

Goldberg’s CV (from his home page)

Are you familiar with this book or the author? What do you think about it?