Wednesday Video: I will NOT stay in your box!

Today’s video is a study in preconceptions, the breaking thereof. They are called The Zimmers. (For Americans – a Zimmer frame is the British term for a walker.) The lead singer, Alf, was 90 years old at the time of filming.

It was filmed at the Beatles’ studio on Abbey Road, and the little interposed clips are priceless. Watch to the end. You will be rewarded.

Wednesday Video: The Zhejiang Acrobats Troupe

Chinese acrobatics are spectacular. I wasn’t sure which one to post today, because the acrobatic ballet is equally splendid. The clip I’ve chosen is the Zhejiang Troupe’s first European performance, which took place (I think) in 2008. Enjoy!

Wednesday Video: Best six minutes you’ll spend today

Today’s video is Isaac Lamb’s wedding proposal to Amy, complete with music, costumes and a cast of sixty family members and friends. This will restore your faith in life, love and humanity. By the fifth minute, my cheeks hurt from smiling and lips hurt from going “awww”, and at the end I clapped my hands in sheer delight.

Watch it through to the end. It keeps getting better and better and more and more over the top.