Wednesday Video: Best six minutes you’ll spend today

Today’s video is Isaac Lamb’s wedding proposal to Amy, complete with music, costumes and a cast of sixty family members and friends. This will restore your faith in life, love and humanity. By the fifth minute, my cheeks hurt from smiling and lips hurt from going “awww”, and at the end I clapped my hands in sheer delight.

Watch it through to the end. It keeps getting better and better and more and more over the top.


If only…!

I’ve written before (particularly here and here) about my distaste for the bellicose images used when most people talk about cancer treatment. I didn’t write the piece below, but I love it! If only it were true…

Here’s a sample:

Using nanotechnology and some other high tech gadgetry, researchers at the National Cancer Institute along with a host of other leading medical centers are engineering good cells to fight bad cancer cells in a nice way that does not involve hitting. These new cancer fighting cells are unique in that they don’t just kill the bad cells; they convert them back to good cells, without resorting to violence. They kill them with kindness! (More…)