And the (party) beat goes on and on!

Today’s post is a little late because my Internet connection has not joined in the festive spirit. But we will not be kept down – it’s Birthday Week! (If you’ve only just arrived, the party started here and went on here and here.)

We’ve been sitting around watching the entertainment long enough, so now it’s time to get on our feet and start moving! Here are the young ladies of the King’s Firecrackers Jump Rope Team to show us how. If you’ve never seen these girls, you’re in for a treat. It starts off big and keeps getting bigger and better.

If you can watch the whole act and not have a cheerful heart and a grin on your face at the end, please see your physician.

Without further ado, I bring you The King’s Firecrackers Jump Rope Team giving their halftime show at the US Naval Academy on February 19th, 2011!